Where are the isolated start-ups?

techcrunchThere is a funny article on TechCrunch UK where Nicola Robinsonova asks where the most isolated start-ups in the UK are. Well, I don’t know about start-ups, but I know about VC-backed companies. This is a map that Peter Lahoud, Stephen Siard and I made in 2006 when we were still at Library House:

I can see companies (for those of you from outside the UK, I have added additional comments in brackets) up in Scotland (very dark, rains very often). And at the West coast of Wales (yup, this is the places where it always rains). There are some at the tip of Cornwall (in the South West, where the wind never stops). And some at the East coast of East Anglia (Peter once lovingly referred to it as Dragon land, don’t ask).

Conclusion: they are everywhere. Must be some sort of unstoppable force… 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Where are the isolated start-ups?

  1. Hi Jens

    Interesting map – I wonder if someone at Library House could update it? Knowing Scotland I can almost guess what most of those companies are doing in each cluster, eg Aberdeen will be oil exploration, mobile clusters in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    What I find fascinating are the ones out in the western and northern Highlands – brave souls indeed to operate so far from the invested mainstream.


    (Cross posted on Techcrunch)

  2. Hi Richard,

    as you may know, I am no longer with Library House, so, no idea whether they are planning to do a 2008/20089 UK venture-Backed report.

    They definitely have the data…

    I suggest anyone who wants to make an updated map like the one above contact Sam Snelson at LH. I am sure he would be very happy to help out with some postcode data points.

  3. Hi Jens,

    I want to discuss TEC(Theory of Existential Continuums) with you and Alan Hambrook. TEC’s concepts and definitions are at tectechnics.com. I am a mathematical researcher, I want solid thinkers and developers as partners to prepare the idea for the marketplace.

    Peter Sagay

  4. Hi Peter,

    thanks for getting in touch. As you can imagine, Alan and I are extra busy preparing the launch of DontBuyLists and will be for some time going forward. I have added you to the list of testers so you can see what we are up to.


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