Great Online Marketing

This is one of the most intelligent examples of online marketing I have seen in a long while.

Barack Obama’s campaign has decided to disclose the choice of Vice President first to all people who opt in an online email list: “Sign up today to be the first to know.” The idea is that people who are subscribed will be told first who the selected Vice President candidate is.

This is so clever, it boggles my mind. Here is why:

  • Gives online users the feeling of being cared for
  • Tells voters that they matter more than the press
  • Collects probably millions of email addresses
  • Re-energizes existing pool of people who are already signed-up online
  • Creates massive media buzz for free
  • Creates viral word-of-mouth that drives people to website and makes them sign-up
  • Leaves McCain camp no choice, but not to do it, otherwise they will look like copying Obama
  • All of the above is for free

Overall, probably one of the best moves I have seen in years. Regardless what you think of Obama, but that idea is brilliant.

UPDATE: There is a thoughtful post by Rob Longert of PepperDigital on this subject which is very worthwhile reading.

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