First Impressions Count

What do you think? Which phone is cooler?

Launch of Apple iPhone
Launch of Google NexusOne

Nice to see that even Google has a lot to learn! 🙂


3 thoughts on “First Impressions Count

    1. Sergi, have read the article. Not so sure about that statement. After all, when you buy a smartphone, you do have to make a choice.

      Another point is as follows. Apple has cornered over 50% of profit of the entire mobile phone market. It doesn’t matter how many unprofitable phones Nokia sells. All other smartphones will add to the pie and take market share away from Apple.

      Google has a firm does not have a strong promotions DNA. They market by having great products that speak for themselves. But when you get up on stage to launch and you are a $20Bn revenue company, then you can definitely put up a better show than this.

      Microsoft, btw, is so good at this either, read this article here:,2817,2357820,00.asp

  1. I think the problem is that most of the folks at Google re not really marketing people.

    The philosophy is build a great mousetrap and let the product do the talking and the market do the marketing. I remember using Google in 1999/2000 and I’d bang on to people about how good it was ALL THE TIME. In terms of search, the difference between it’s rivals then and now it was a no-brainer to use Google. The herd moved over to Google about 2003 if I memory serves me. At the time I could not understand why it took so long.

    It’s probably the same with this marketing event. Google are marketing to the Google mavens and Apple to the Apple mavens.

    Google’s choice is odd, but it is safe. White background, 4 bar stools. Not much is going to go wrong. It has a certain appeal. We’re billionaires, but we aren’t flashy like Jobs. They are never going to out “flash” Apple anyway and trying would only get them mocked.

    They have to do the things that Apple does not do well. Right now I am using an iMac and I desperately want to have a right clicker on the mouse, but Apple have never done this.

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