Where are the isolated start-ups?

techcrunchThere is a funny article on TechCrunch UK where Nicola Robinsonova asks where the most isolated start-ups in the UK are. Well, I don’t know about start-ups, but I know about VC-backed companies. This is a map that Peter Lahoud, Stephen Siard and I made in 2006 when we were still at Library House:

I can see companies (for those of you from outside the UK, I have added additional comments in brackets) up in Scotland (very dark, rains very often). And at the West coast of Wales (yup, this is the places where it always rains). There are some at the tip of Cornwall (in the South West, where the wind never stops). And some at the East coast of East Anglia (Peter once lovingly referred to it as Dragon land, don’t ask).

Conclusion: they are everywhere. Must be some sort of unstoppable force… 🙂

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