The blogging abstinence is over. After having focussed for the last few months on launching the first web app of my company aiHit, I am now able to focus on some blogging again.

Some background

aiHit, the company that I co-founded, has recently put live a web app called HitCompanies.

HitCompanies is a database of the world’s companies.

This database of companies is automatically assembled from the Web by our intelligent Web crawlers. This involves a substantial amount of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

It is our vision that at some point, all companies in the world will have a presence on HitCompanies. So, if you want to find companies by what they do, so you can do business with them, you will be able to find them here, quickly and easily.

The current IT beta of HitCompanies contains some 400k IT companies and we intend to roll out across an increasing number of industry sectors over the coming months. The landing page of HitCompanies looks as follows:


We are assembling structured profiles of companies in HitCompanies. An example screen shot is shown below. Again, all this information is collected and structured automatically by our bots.


Over the coming months, there will be many changes on HitCompanies, as we grow, expand and improve the app. News on developments of HitCompanies can be found on our corporate homepage’s news section: aiHit News.

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