End of Copyright as We Know It?

spiegelkickerBroadcasting of sports events is a major business. The control of who is allowed to broadcast which pictures/videos of which sports event at which point in time in which country is tightly controlled. And a lot of money is spent on it, too.

But what happens, if you can take the original videos, subject them to computer analysis and then output a computer version of these videos?

Have a look at this (click on picture to launch video on external site):


Original copyright: gone

New copyright: created

Very interesting.

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2 thoughts on “End of Copyright as We Know It?

  1. Wouldn’t this count as a derivative work, in North America at least? Or perhaps transformative use, since they show different angles to highlight the play by play. Nice find!

  2. Good point.

    Maybe. Don’t know. If certain players are standing on the field at a particular point in time and if they play the ball in a particular way, then these are just facts. Can’t copyright facts. I also guess that this can’t of treatment of film material might fall under fair use.

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