Be careful when changing blog hosts


This morning, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a post from VentureBeat for a longer period of time. The last post that I saw was that they were moving the host of the blog. That was April 9th.

VentureBeat is one of the larger technology news blogs out there, they have some 200k monthly users.


Only this may no longer be true. It appears as if their move has somehow disrupted their RSS feed. Even when I go to the new site and copy the RSS feed and insert it into my RSS reader, it still doesn’t work. The last post that I can see in my reader is still the post from April 9th. What is even better is that this old post seem no longer accessible when I click on the story. This is very odd indeed.

I don’t know whether I am the only one with this problem. But let’s put it this way: when the RSS feed of your blog breaks and when your old stories are no longer accessible…well…that is not good. Particularly not when you make a living from that blog.

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