How to write a newsletter – Part 2

In my last post, I started a short series about how to write a good newsletter. This first post concentrated on newsletters that offer discounts and are most appropriate for companies which run an online store.

This newsletter is going to focus on another type of newsletter, the ones that focus on news.

News newsletters can be very effective. They tend to focus on news that is of genuine interest to the audience.

No newsletter should focus on news of the company itself. I can’t name a single newsletter that I have ever read that focussed on news on the company itself that was of genuine interest to me. The reason is: nobody cares. The only people who care about what is happening at the company are the people who work there. Obviously, what is happening at the company is of interest to people. However, nobody cares that much, that they would like to read about it in a weekly/monthly or quarterly newsletter. If you have company news you wish to share, I suggest you stick it onto the company blog or news section of the website. But not in a newsletter.

There is one exception and that is company internal newsletters. Obviously, the people at the company are interested in what is happening at the company. If you operate a mid or larger sized company, this newsletter might indeed be well read and effective.

When I analyzed the news newsletters that I like (and subscribe to), I found that the best ones met the following criteria:

1) It appears daily (meaning news is really new).

2) It covers one specific niche 100%. I am guaranteed not to miss anything essential. And even should one bit of news get missed, they are very likely to mention it the next day.

3) I can scan the newsletter very quickly for bits of news relevant to me.

4) ALL the information that is relevant to the news is contained in the newsletter. Outbound links just give me more information, but I don’t need to follow them to see the story. It is very annoying when you need to click backwards and forwards between the browser/email or the different browser windows.

5) The best newsletter go beyond this and introduce a personal view on top of the facts, that make for genuinely interesting and entertaining reading.

The best news newsletter that I have ever read is written by PE Hub and is called the PE Hub Wire (fka PE Week Wire). Screen shots are included below:



This specific newsletter consists of two parts: a) a personal comment section at the top in blue and b) the news. The blue opinion piece are very frequently very insightful and worth the time. The news is not only broken into specific sections, but within each article, key companies and individuals are highlighted. This allows the reader to scan this newsletter very quickly. You don’t neeed to to READ the Newsletter to KNOW what is in it.

Pe Hub Wire appears daily. It covers nearly all important events in the North American private equity scene. Nothing that is truly important gets missed.

To date, I haven’t seen a better news newsletter. Highly recommended.

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