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sitka-pacificFor those of you who are thinking about how to tackle the current economic situation, I have got two pieces of analysis. A serious one and then a rather crazy, but still serious one (although serious in a different way).

The first one is by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock of Sitka Pacific Capital Management (found via Big Picture). This is probably the best piece of investment analysis I have ever read. But then I don’t read many of them and am easily impressed. The Analysis is entitled: “Peter Schiff Was Wrong”:

There are numerous YouTube videos, articles, and references to Peter Schiff being “right” rapidly circulating the globe. While Schiff was indeed correct about the US imploding, most of the praise heaped on Schiff is simply unwarranted, and I can prove it.

First, let’s start with a look at the claim being made. Peter Schiff concludes many of his articles, books, etc. with the following statement.

Mr. Schiff is one of the few non-biased investment advisors (not committed solely to the short side of the market) to have correctly called the current bear market before it began and to have positioned his clients accordingly.

I would like to see some proof of that statement. Specifically I would like to see the average returns posted by EuroPacific clients for 2008.

I have talked with many who claim they have invested with Schiff and are down anywhere from 40% to 70% in 2008. There are many other such claims on the internet. They are entirely believable for the simple reason Schiff’s investment thesis was flat out wrong.

Read the whole, fascinating article here…

The next analysis is this YouTube video. You have to watch this. Very serious stuff.

Found via Mitch’s blog, by the way. Unbelievable.

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