OK to Great

Over time, ok products can become great products. I got reminded of this yesterday evening, when I looked at my new Brita water pitcher.

A few years ago, I used to own a Brita water filter. I liked the water it produced, but the system was somewhat clumsy and after while, I stopped using it. Recently, we bought a new filter. I have been using it for some six weeks now and simply love it. Here are photos of the old and new system:

Short summary of key changes:

  • Cartridge is shorter and wider. It filters water 2x as fast, at slightly lower quality
  • Extra lid on top for allowing easier re-fill of the pitcher
  • Electronic timer that tells you when to put a new cartridge in
  • Narrower form, so it fits in the door of the fridge
  • Lid that covers muzzle.

Basically, the new and the old system do the same thing: they filter tap water. I didn’t like the old system, I love the new one. What has changed?

What has changed this product from ok to great is a collection of small improvements. None of them alone would have made this a great product, but in combination, they do.

One additional comment that I have is that there are no additional changes to the system (that I can see) apart from the ones described. All features that Brita changed had a positive impact on the usability of the system. There is no clutter, no stuff that is annoying or in the way. And that is not just ok, but great.

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One thought on “OK to Great

  1. what I love even more is that the brand probably charges significantly more for its new pitcher than the old one. Suggesting that the details are very valuable for the consumer, and deliver higher revenues for the brand – both in initial sale and long-term filter replacements.

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