Improved AdSense Lowers Google’s Revenue

AdSenseThis is also a very cool story.

Google has improved its AdSense product. This has directly led to a huge drop in the number of clicks which has immediately impacted Google’s stock price negatively.

You really need to be a ‘good’ company to pull something like that off. I think in the long run, this kind of behaviour will benefit Google greatly. Better products will lead to a better relationship with customers. And that will lead to more money.

Compare this with my last post on ‘Windows Vista Capable’. The difference in the DNA of Google and Microsoft is really quite remarkable.

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2 thoughts on “Improved AdSense Lowers Google’s Revenue

  1. 🙂 Customers have always complained (somewhat) that AdSense was less effective than AdWords. Improving AdSense therefore makes a lot of sense. Overall, people wouldn’t use Google, if it didn’t work. I guess the bubble rating here is very low.

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