Random Traffic Grows Real Traffic

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on how Microsoft was making some good/viral TV clips for their (at that point) upcoming video game Halo 3. Problem was that these videos were on TV only, nobody at the marketing agency thought it necessary to post them on YouTube, but enthusiasts corrected that. My […]

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Live Can’t Find Cashback – But Google Does

The blogosphere is awash with comments on and reviews of Microsoft Live Search newest initiative, called Live Search Cashback. Basically, if you purchase products using Cashback you get…cash back. Leaving aside whether this will increase Microsoft’s market share in the search space, let’s just focus on the single reason why Microsoft is lagging behind in […]

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A Good Reason to Like Microsoft Live

Having just returned from holiday in Portugal (very nice, by the way), I read about the fact that Microsoft live has received a face lift in the meantime. I thought I should check it out. I was amazed. Not by the layout, but by the search result. The search for my family name – Lapinski […]

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