VC Fund Raising Manual – 6 Partner Presentation

The presentation to all partners in a VC firm wil decide whether that firm will issue you a term sheet. This pitch is just as important as the pitch you give to the one partner that you have been working together with for the last few months, if not more important. However, the emphasis of […]

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VC Fund Raising Manual – 5 Due Diligence

When you have successfully pitched to a VC, the next step is due diligence. This article is part of a series, you can find the Index of the VC Fund Raising Manual here. says that due diligence can be understood to be: “Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take […]

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VC Fund Raising Manual – 3 The Approach

How to approch a VC firm is pretty important. There are three aspects here: whom you approach, how you approach, and when you approach. Whom to approach At most VC firms, there is usually only one/maybe two people there that you really want to talk to. That would be the General Partner at the fund […]

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