About me

I am a Managing Director at Techstars.

Before Techstars, I co-founded Forward Labs, a London-based startup studio. At Forward Labs, we built profitable startups at high speed using lean startup principles. During 2012 and 2013, we built five businesses (and shut down another seven at very early stages and investigated over 100 ideas):

Appear Here. International category leader for renting short term retail space. Very high growth. Raised £1m Angel Round in November 2013 from consortium of leading international angels (Telegraph).
Makers Academy. No.1 ranked place to learn how to code (as ranked by the Guardian). Aspires to be the worldwide category leader in teaching people how to become makers. Very high growth. Profitable.
Driftrock. Facebook marketing tool and analytics platform.  Closed large seed round in early 2014. Traction with customers is building up.
Loyalty Bay. Marketing incentives and audience insight. Closed seed round in early 2014. Beginnings of solid traction. Short path to profitability.
Parcel Bright. Enabling small and medium sized businesses to send parcels at highly reduced cost. Rapid growth.

Before Forward Labs, I was Founding CEO of aiHit, a provider of automated company data to the business information industry. aiHit is backed by Amadeus and VTB Capital and sells to some of the world’s largest information players including Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax.

Prior to this, I was the VP Analysis & Consulting at Library House (now Dow Jones), a business information and research company, which I helped grow from seven to over 50 employees within four years.

During my PhD at Cambridge University, I developed, patented and licensed new water technology.

You can email me at: jens.lapinski@gmail.com