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About Start-up Passion

TechCrunch Europe had an interesting article by an anonymous VC the other day. The essence was: “I am in London-based startups’ offices all the time and I am gobsmacked when they are nearly empty by 6:30 PM…European startups need to work as hard as Valley ones – or forget it“ I have been thinking about […]

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List of VC Funds

For several years, I have been building a personal, private list of venture capital funds that invest in the UK technology space. Please note that this is a list of active VC funds, sorted by vintage date, not of VC firms. My private list dates back to 2000 and has over 300 funds on it. […]

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VC Fund Raising Manual – 9 Money in the Bank

Congratulations, you just closed a funding round, and the money is in the bank. Before you become very excited, I suggest you take this piece of advice very seriously: DON’T SPEND THE MONEY Or at least, don’t overspend. If you raise $10m, this can last you 18 months or it can last you three years […]

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